—Ryan Adams “Stay With Me” Live @ State Theatre Portland, ME - July 22, 2014


Title: UnknownAching For More (B-Side)
Artist: UnknownRyan Adams
Album: UnknownGimmie Something Good
Played: 460 times


Ryan Adams, “Aching For More”

Without anyone to love you, what will you blossom into? Without anyone to hold you, how will you grow? —"Blossom" - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (via 1857pirate)


me accepting compliments

  • "omg thank you"
  • "aw thank you"
  • "omg ily"
  • "ily omg"
  • "aw thank you omg ily"

Title: UnknownSugar Magnolia
Artist: UnknownGrateful Dead
Album: UnknownAmerican Beauty
Played: 104 times

What have been some of your favorite mysteries of the first nine years?

Emily Deschanel: “There was an episode about somebody who Brennan kept thinking was like herself and really made her see her own life in a different light.”” S06E09 The Doctor in the Photo.


LIFE HACK: disguise your nervous breakdown as a series of jokes


how much do islands cost i want one

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